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Our goal is to accept students and families who support the mission of our school to provide an excellent educational experience in a caring Christian community. We desire to build a community committed to our school, kindergarten through 8th grade. Part of our consideration for accepting students is to create balanced classrooms that will meet the needs of our students academically and socially.

While Twin Lakes Christian School does not discriminate against students with special needs, certain academic or social accommodations may not be available in our academic environment.

Working from Home

Step 1:  Apply Online

It's simple! Just complete the online application and hit submit.


Step 2:  Tour/Interview

An interview and tour will be scheduled to see if Twin Lakes Christian School is a good fit.


Step 3:  Registration

Once you are invited to enroll, submit the required paperwork and pay the registration fees. Join the TLCS Family!!


Tuition & Fees

Tuition Assistance is available for families that qualify. A third party, FAST, is used for Financial Aid determination.

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