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Why should we include STEAM education in our curriculum? STEAM is naturally engaging and exciting for K-8 students. They love hands-on, interactive activities that appeal to their curiosity in exploring how things work. Student-centered, open-ended STEAM problems allow students to work together and share ideas. 



- Project Lead The Way

- Multi-functional Makerspace

- Age Appropriate Manipulatives

Example Challenges

  • Designing a robot that delivers supplies at a hospital

  • Construction a rescue method for a trapped zoo animal

  • Designing and developing a tablet game

  • Solving a fictional crime

  • Examining ways to cut energy consumption

  • Creating mobile apps that help clients overcome obstacles

  • Designing a home created from a reclaimed shipping container




  • Problem Solvers - be creative and flexible

  • Innovators - explore different ideas

  • Inventors - recognize failures as opportunities for discovery

  • Logical Thinkers - use sound mathematical procedures to arrive at a rational conclusion

  • Collaborators - flourish in group settings and communicate well with others

  • Global Citizens - develop solutions that will help others



  • Generate interest in sciences early

  • STEAM careers drive innovation

  • Professionals in STEAM careers examine, explore and solve real life problems

  • STEAM skills applicable to many careers

  • Demand for STEAM jobs accelerating

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