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Philosophy of Education

We believe the purpose of education is to teach students the knowledge of God’s

infallible truth as revealed to us through His Word, approaching each subject

through the lens of this Truth. We seek to develop in our students a love for God and a desire to know Him better through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We encourage them to display Christlike character, show respect and compassion for others, and have a desire to become responsible citizens, prepared to impact their community and beyond.


We believe that all children are gifts from God, each with talents and abilities

specific to His purpose for them. We seek to nurture and support our students in

their moral, emotional, intellectual, and physical development, honoring and

encouraging the uniqueness of each individual. By offering diverse academic and enrichment opportunities we seek to develop students who desire to use their God given abilities to impact their 21st century world.


We believe that our responsibility as educators is to model Christ-like character and display a consistent Christian worldview in every area of our lives. We welcome students from all religious faiths and belief systems. We value lifelong learning, constantly striving to continue our own personal quest for knowledge. We strive to create a safe environment that fosters respect and is conducive to learning.


We believe that parents and extended families are integral to a student’s spiritual

and academic development, and we honor the family as we partner with them in

the growth and development of their children. We recognize the authority of

parents and seek to assist and include them in the educational process.


We believe that students should be given ample opportunities to serve others within our community and beyond. We strive to cultivate a spirit of compassion and generosity, demonstrating the ability to work cooperatively, with a willingness to honor and serve others ahead of ourselves.


We believe that maintaining a high academic standard across the curriculum is

essential as we assist each student in working to his/her full potential. We

encourage not only a mastery of academic skills, but also the ability to skillfully

analyze, evaluate, and communicate information. Our study of God’s word helps

students gain the ability to discern truth from error, applying Godly principles to all fields of study and every area of life.

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