Basic Cooking

In our cooking class, students will prepare delicious and nutritious snacks, sweets, and treats! No prior cooking experience required. Students will learn basic cooking skills including kitchen safety and hygiene, food preparation, and how to properly use kitchen equipment.


Middle School Electives

Block Printing

Block printing is one of the oldest forms of printmaking. Students will learn about relief designs and how to carve into linoleum blocks and transfer/ink their design onto paper.


Hand Tool Woodshop

Take a trip back in time to an age where carpenters constructed everything without power. Make several projects from scratch and learn the satisfaction that comes from building something awesome with your hands. This class will teach sawing, drilling, routing, chisel, handplane, joinery, and finishing techniques. Construct several wonderful projects that you'll cherish and learn a fun new skill while you're at it.



The focus of this class is to explore the craft of acting using scene work and theater games designed to develop performance skills and technique. Students will have a chance to work on stage dramatizations, improv, set design, costume design, and music. They will build a basic understanding of auditioning, stage concepts, directing, lighting, and playwriting. We will read dramatic literature exploring both modern and classic plays. We will be performing a play at the end of the semester in the evening, to which everyone is invited to attend.


Build stuff. . . Exciting stuff. . . with. . . Amazingly fantastic electronics. Make them do stuff. . .you know. . . robot stuff. Then sit back and smile. Seriously though- this class will teach you the basics of robotics. Learn elementary programming and electrical engineering skills, and use those talents to interface with, and create a real working robot. Each week a new challenge will be presented for you and your team to accomplish with your robot, and each challenge will further test your creativity. Go ROBOTS!!

Survival Skills

In this class students will have a chance to learn some basic survival skills, such as shelter building, fire building, knot tying, and much more. They will have the chance to practice these skills hands on. No need to watch Man vs. Wild when you can do it yourself!


We hear the term "creativity" a lot, but what is it really? In this class you will explore many sides of creativity, including making outlandish art, learning strategies, and exploring our imagination. If you like to build, design, or imagine things that don't yet exist, this is the class for you!

Basic Dance

Students will learn classical ballet techniques and terminology. Each class includes Barre excercise, center floor work, and across-the-floor combinations. Students will be exposed to various styles of Jazz such as Broadway, Street, and Contemporary. We will focus on strength, flexibility and control.


Students will be active participants in planning and creating this year's yearbook. some of the real world skills that will be developed in this class include lessons in design, photography, typography, journalism, editing, and writing. Students will enjoy knowing they were not only a part of the experience, but also authors and editors of this annual printed record of our school year!

Book Club

Do you enjoy getting lost in a good book? Then you should join book club! We will be reading through a few different books, while stopping to chat about each story along the way. Some book possibilities are The Book Thief, Gathering Blue, Meaning of Life and more.